Monday, December 5, 2016

Teaching the Savior's way

December 5th, 2016

It was a good week!

We met with some new investigators, Mxxx and Mxxx. They are a super cute couple and they have a young daughter who was a miracle; they tried having kids for a long time, and after they had given up on trying to have kids, she miraculously got pregnant. They have been looking for a church and haven't been satisfied anywhere yet. They are so willing to listen to us! The first time that we met with both of them they had some really good questions, and we even talked about baptism and the Word of Wisdom. The husband warned us to be patient with him when it comes to the Word of Wisdom, but so far they look pretty promising. We are so excited to work with them!

This week we had a zone training which I really enjoyed a lot. One of my zone leaders, Elder Ahau, spoke really powerfully about how important it is for us to learn our mission language. He told the story of Elder Groberg from the film The Other Side of Heaven where Elder Groberg spent a lot of time learning the language, and at one point it really paid off when a man took his dying child to him to ask him for a priesthood blessing. He was able to give the blessing in their language, and because of that he was a major influence on this family's conversion. Elder Ahau revealed that this man with the dying child was his grandfather. 

There is also a sister in our zone who is a convert of a few years, and she is the only member in her family. It was mentioned that her family is currently meeting with missionaries and as I heard this it just really hit me how important it is for us missionaries to be prepared to share the gospel with the Spirit, to do what's right, to realize how sacred and important our calling is. 

Our zone training was mostly about teaching the Savior's way. Each of us in the zone had to come up with a scriptural example of how to teach the Savior's way. I really learned a lot and felt the Spirit so strong. It's so important for us to be like Jesus Christ in that he was so invested in people's lives, He taught with love, He taught with the Spirit, He taught by example, He extended bold invitations, He taught everyone, He taught according to people's needs, etc. 

Yesterday Hna Maya had me listen to Bill Carpenter's story, titled Conversion of a Catholic Priest. I highly recommend it; it's an amazing story. What really hit me the most was when he mentioned that missionaries are not sent into a mission just because that particular mission needs more missionaries (for example, Oh hey the Salt Lake City mission needs more missionaries so we'll send more over there). In reality, we are sent to our particular missions because our individual personalities and talents are needed for the people that the Lord will put in our path in our assigned areas. I just absolutely love that concept. I have definitely seen that to be true in my mission, and even also in all the different areas within my mission. There are no coincidences in Heavenly Father's plan!

I am also so in love with the Light the World video and initiative. I never get tired of watching that video. The music is so good! Don't you love how the piano portrays a message of hope? We've been sharing the video with everyone that we talk to. And the idea of doing a small act of service every day in December is simply brilliant. I've learned that really everyone we come across will agree that doing service is good, and you feel good doing it.

I hope LeĆ­to has a happy birthday! I love him to death and I haven't even met him.

Love you!

-Hermana Aburto


Christmas tree!

Worst name for a day care center ever! Haha