Monday, November 28, 2016

Biking in the rain

November 28th, 2016

I'm biking in the rain, just biking in the rain! What a glorious feeling, I'm soaking again! 

All right so now that I'm back in Spanish work, I have to admit, it's weird! This area is surprisingly slow when it comes to finding people to teach, but I hope to change that! I really don't want to be here in this area with the mentality that it's going to be long and slow. And though I have a car again since our area is huge, of course the goal is to use the car as little as possible and bike whenever we can. It's been raining a lot lately though, so...that's fun! It's super cold here! So don't be jealous of the rumored "perfect California weather" because I'm freezing to death. We dress up like Eskimos every day as we bike. 

But other than that it's been pretty good. Already a big difference between gringos and Hispanics is that Hispanics just want to feed you a ton of food whether you want it or not. It's been fun to eat real enchiladas and stuff again.

Honestly though, not a ton happened this week just because most of the members were out of town for Thanksgiving, so I feel like I haven't met a ton of people, and the Church felt super empty yesterday. I got to play the organ yesterday, though, and the members were really happy about that.

A year ago when I was serving in Manteca in English, I would go on a ton of exchanges with my Spanish Sister Training Leaders who were serving in this ward. So I actually remember a few of the less-active people that they met with, and it's cool because one of their investigators I visited became a member soon after I left Manteca and she's preparing to get sealed in the temple now. It's interesting because back then I really wanted to serve in this ward and now I finally get that opportunity!

On Thanksgiving, Hna Maya and I and four elders went to Mountain Mikes Pizza in the morning to do service. We were preparing food for the homeless and it was pretty fun.  

That's cool that you met Hnas Barney and Trujillo; they were actually my roommates in the MTC! And I'm glad our family in San Diego is doing well. 

Sorry I don't have much else to report. Have a great week!

-Hermana Aburto