Monday, December 12, 2016

The Po-lice man, the Michael Jordi-an, the Pizza MA-AN!

So this week we went to see a former investigator named Cxxx. She is so nice and she gave us atole which was like rice-flavored. It was so good; it tasted like arroz con leche. Anyways as we visited her she opened up about how her son had passed away not too long ago. We are going to see her again this week and I'm really excited to teach her about the Plan of Salvation in more detail. 

This week we visited Mxxx again, and we brought some members, the Bxxx with us. It was super cool for these members to testify about how they got their answer from God that the church is true. It's always helpful to have converts come with us to teach lessons. Mxxx is still so awesome and she's been reading the Book of Mormon. She really yearns for peace in her life and I know that she can find it through the gospel!

So I've noticed that President Palmer seems to want every missionary to know at least a little bit of Spanish, so that everyone can give the Spanish missionaries some referrals. Well, this week the Spanish elders in our ward were saying that they received some referrals from English missionaries. The English missionaries must have had a conversation like this with Hispanic people they met: "Hi! Would you like to speak to someone who speaks more Spanish than we do?" And the response would be like, "Yes." So then the Spanish elders go over there and are like, "Hi! We're here to talk about the gospel and we heard you have recently met some missionaries." And the people will be like, "Oh, we didn't know you wanted to talk about church. We thought you were with the police and you just wanted to talk to us, so we couldn't say no." Oh my gosh I thought that was hilarious! But really though, I think it's awesome that everyone is trying to learn a little Spanish to try to help us Spanish missionaries out.

We visited a recent convert Lxxx this week. A year ago, when I was on exchanges with the sisters here in Manteca, I had actually visited her with them while she was still an investigator. It's super cool to see how far she has come. She gave the lesson in Relief Society yesterday, and it was a beautiful lesson. I asked her about her conversion story and she said that it was through some members who were really nice to her without expecting anything in return, that she first got introduced into the church. At first, her husband was really against the church, since he thought it would be like other churches where they just yell at you to repent. But when he went to an activity he realized the members of our church are very kind.  That's amazing! The work we do really is so much more fruitful when the members are involved. 

Hope you have a great week!


Hermana Aburto