Monday, November 28, 2016

Biking in the rain

November 28th, 2016

I'm biking in the rain, just biking in the rain! What a glorious feeling, I'm soaking again! 

All right so now that I'm back in Spanish work, I have to admit, it's weird! This area is surprisingly slow when it comes to finding people to teach, but I hope to change that! I really don't want to be here in this area with the mentality that it's going to be long and slow. And though I have a car again since our area is huge, of course the goal is to use the car as little as possible and bike whenever we can. It's been raining a lot lately though, so...that's fun! It's super cold here! So don't be jealous of the rumored "perfect California weather" because I'm freezing to death. We dress up like Eskimos every day as we bike. 

But other than that it's been pretty good. Already a big difference between gringos and Hispanics is that Hispanics just want to feed you a ton of food whether you want it or not. It's been fun to eat real enchiladas and stuff again.

Honestly though, not a ton happened this week just because most of the members were out of town for Thanksgiving, so I feel like I haven't met a ton of people, and the Church felt super empty yesterday. I got to play the organ yesterday, though, and the members were really happy about that.

A year ago when I was serving in Manteca in English, I would go on a ton of exchanges with my Spanish Sister Training Leaders who were serving in this ward. So I actually remember a few of the less-active people that they met with, and it's cool because one of their investigators I visited became a member soon after I left Manteca and she's preparing to get sealed in the temple now. It's interesting because back then I really wanted to serve in this ward and now I finally get that opportunity!

On Thanksgiving, Hna Maya and I and four elders went to Mountain Mikes Pizza in the morning to do service. We were preparing food for the homeless and it was pretty fun.  

That's cool that you met Hnas Barney and Trujillo; they were actually my roommates in the MTC! And I'm glad our family in San Diego is doing well. 

Sorry I don't have much else to report. Have a great week!

-Hermana Aburto

Monday, November 21, 2016

Goodbye Stranger, it's been nice

November 21st, 2016

We got our transfer calls, and....I'm leaving Oakdale!

I knew it! I knew it because Sister Talbot and I get along so well, and I knew that I would have to leave all of our awesome investigators behind. Man that's such a bummer!

Sister Talbot is probably my favorite companion I've ever had. Together we've had the perfect combination of having fun and working hard. I'm so pleased with the success that we've had together and I know that it's due to our companionship unity. 

Luckily she also attends BYU-Provo so I will for sure see her back home!

I will be going back into Spanish work again! I'll be serving in Manteca again. So that is exciting, even though I'm still sad at the same time to leave Oakdale. I will be companions with Hermana Maya, who came out at the same time as I did. That should be fun.

Well, this was one of our most successful weeks yet! 

I told you last week about Nxxx, and he is still doing great spiritually, but sadly we haven't been able to meet with him lately since he's been really sick. When we did see him though, we had brought Bxxx with us, and it's been such a good experience for both Bxxx and Nxxx. Bxxx has been able to be a good fellow-shipper since he's so nice and funny and he really helped Nxxx open up since he's a pretty shy guy. It's also been good for Bxxx to be able to share his experiences and feel the Spirit. It was also really cool because after Nxxx's lesson one night, we were about to bike off, and Bxxx was like, "I can go with you," and so he was long-boarding with us for the rest of the night, acting as our protector. Awwww! He is so awesome. 

So on Saturday we were on exchanges and I went back to Manteca to work in YSA with Sister Webb. It's kind of strange/cool to go back to an area where I've worked in before. But anyways, in the meantime, Sister Talbot and Sister Hogan were here in Oakdale and they found a homeless boy named Ixxx. It's evident that Ixxx has had a hard life. They invited him to church and he came yesterday! Afterwards we taught him about the Plan of Salvation and at some point while we were teaching him about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, he just started crying. He felt the Spirit so strongly and he said he knew that what we were teaching him was true. We then told him about baptism and he was like, "When? Where?" like he was just so willing to get baptized. I'm so excited for him. 

We were also knocking on doors and met a 16 year old named Cxxx who is good friends with a member his age. So we've been having his lessons at said member's house. It's been really good! 

During district meeting I asked the elders for advice on how to get investigators to pray, since a couple of ours still won't offer the prayer in front of us. Elder Owen's approach is so great: he'll teach the person about prayer and then he'll just kneel down, fold his arms, close his eyes, and wait for the person to say the prayer. Haha! I tried that approach with Dxxx but it didn't work. It was still really cool though.

We showed Dxxx President Uchtdorf's talk during the last Women's Session, since it's all about faith and what faith can and cannot do. It's still so hard for Dxxx to bring himself to believe though. I'm not sure if there's much else we can do about it, but I hope and pray that he will recognize God's hand in his life someday.

I cannot even believe that this upcoming transfer will be ending in 2017, and that this is my third-to-last transfer. Time really does fly by!


Hermana Aburto

Goodbye Stranger, it's been nice

21 de noviembre de 2016

Recibimos la llamada sobre los cambios y... ¡me voy de Oakdale!

¡Lo sab√≠a! Sab√≠a que iba a suceder porque la hermana Talbot y yo nos llevamos muy bien, y present√≠ que tendr√≠a que dejar a todos nuestros potentes investigadores. ¡Qu√© l√°stima!

La hermana Talbot quiz√° ha sido la compa√Īera con quien me he llevado mejor. Juntas hemos formado una combinaci√≥n perfecta de trabajo arduo y gozo al servir. Me siento contenta por el √©xito que hemos logrado juntas y s√© que ha sido gracias a la unidad que ha habido entre nosotras.

Lo bueno es que ella tambi√©n va a la Universidad BYU en Provo, as√≠ que, ¡por seguro la ver√© al regresar a casa!

¡Otra vez voy a servir en espa√Īol! Nuevamente estar√© en Manteca. Siento emoci√≥n aunque tambi√©n estoy triste porque me voy de Oakdale. Mi compa√Īera ser√° la hermana Maya, quien empez√≥ la misi√≥n al mismo tiempo que yo. Seguramente va a ser una bonita √©poca.

¡Esta semana ha sido una de las que m√°s ha rendido frutos!

La semana pasada les cont√© sobre Nxxx, quien est√° progresando espiritualmente, pero no hab√≠amos podido juntarnos con √©l porque ha estado muy enfermo. Sin embargo, cuando fuimos a visitarlo, llevamos a Bxxx con nosotros y ha sido una fabulosa experiencia tanto para Bxxx como para Nxxx. Gracias a que Bxxx es muy amable y chistoso, ha podido extender su amistad a Nxxx, quien es bastante reservado pero ha logrado abrirse con nosotros. Tambi√©n para Bxxx ha sido algo bueno que pueda expresar sus sentimientos y gozar del Esp√≠ritu. Adem√°s, una noche, despu√©s de una de las visitas que hicimos a Nxxx, ya est√°bamos a punto de irnos en nuestras bicicletas cuando Bxxx nos dijo: “Las voy a acompa√Īar”. As√≠ que se fue junto a nosotros en su patineta el resto de la noche para cuidarnos. ¡Es muy amable y una excelente persona! 

El s√°bado hicimos intercambios y volv√≠ a Manteca para trabajar con la hermana Webb con los adultos solteros. Fue un poco raro y a la vez hermoso volver a un √°rea donde hab√≠a estado antes. Mientras tanto, la hermana Talbot y la hermana Hogan trabajaron aqu√≠ en Oakdale y encontraron a un muchacho indigente de nombre Ixxx. Es evidente que √©l ha tenido una vida dif√≠cil. Lo invitamos para que fuera a la Iglesia y, ¡estuvo ah√≠ ayer! Despu√©s le ense√Īamos sobre el Plan de Salvaci√≥n y al ense√Īarle en cuanto a la expiaci√≥n de Jesucristo, comenz√≥ a llorar. Sentimos el Esp√≠ritu muy fuerte y nos dijo que √©l sab√≠a que lo que est√°bamos ense√Īando era verdad. Le explicamos en cuanto al bautismo y pregunt√≥: “¿Cu√°ndo? ¿D√≥nde?”, con un deseo sincero de bautizarse. Me siento muy contenta por √©l. 

Tambi√©n golpeamos puertas y conocimos a un joven de 16 a√Īos de nombre Cxxx que es muy amigo de un miembro de la Iglesia de su misma edad. As√≠ que le hemos estado ense√Īando en la casa de su amigo que es miembro. ¡Todo ha sido sensacional! 

Durante la reuni√≥n de distrito le ped√≠ consejo a los √©lderes en cuanto a c√≥mo lograr que los investigadores oren, dado que tenemos a dos que todav√≠a no quieren orar en frente de nosotros. El √©lder Owen nos dijo lo que √©l hace: le ense√Īa a la persona en cuanto a la oraci√≥n y despu√©s se arrodilla, cruza los brazos, cierra los ojos y espera hasta que la persona ofrezca la oraci√≥n. ¡J√°! Intent√© hacerlo con Dxxx, pero no tuve √©xito. De todas maneras, creo que es una gran idea.

Le mostramos a Dxxx el discurso que el presidente Uchtdorf dio durante la Sesi√≥n General de Mujeres, dado que se trata de la fe y de lo que la fe puede y no puede hacer. Sin embargo, todav√≠a es dif√≠cil para √©l creer. No s√© si hay algo m√°s que podamos hacer para ayudarle, pero no pierdo la esperanza y he orado pidiendo que alg√ļn d√≠a √©l pueda reconocer la mano de Dios en su vida.

Me parece mentira que este pr√≥ximo cambio va a terminar en 2017 y que ya solo me queden dos cambios m√°s. ¡El tiempo realmente vuela!


Hermana Aburto

Monday, November 14, 2016

Book of Mormon Stories

November 14th, 2016
Happy happy birthday, Papi, dear! You are the coolest dad ever! 

Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? I'm in love with you! Whoa oh oh 

It's been a great week!

We had a "specialized training" which is like a multi-zone conference. I really enjoyed it, as always. We were shown the new Church video for the Christmas initiative this year. It is such an amazing video and I can't wait for the world to see it! I don't want to spoil anything so that's all I will say about it for now. 

So on Saturday our zone leaders had a baptism for a girl named Mxxx, and our investigators Cxxx and Pxxx were able to attend it! That was exciting. We really wanted them to be able to see what it's like and to feel the Spirit as they witnessed a daughter of God make covenants with Him by entering into the waters of baptism. They really enjoyed it! Pxxx was saying though that she doesn't like getting her hair wet, so we were like, we'll get you a hair net or somethin'!

It was also really cool because at the baptism, Mxxx's brother Nxxx was there, and he's not a member but he saw my companion and I and he said, "Hey you two knocked on my door one time!" We didn't remember, because I'm pretty sure that it was one of those times where there was a screen door that we couldn't see through, so we couldn't see who we were talking to. But apparently we had left him a card. So then after the baptism we talked to him and he seemed to really enjoy the baptism, and we set up an appointment to meet with him the next day. He had already made plans to attend Mxxx's confirmation at Church the next day as well.

So then we met with Nxxx yesterday and he had told us that a member at the church had given him a Book of Mormon and another member invited him to read Alma 32. By the time we met with Nxxx last night, he had already read the chapter and he understood it and really enjoyed it! He is so sincere and so hungry to come closer to God. As we taught him about the Restoration he believed everything that we had told him, and he asked, "Do you want to come back tomorrow?" and "Do you have any recommendations on what I should read from the Book of Mormon?" Oh my gosh we love him!!! He is so awesome!!!!

This week we also met with Jxxx, and she was telling us about her experience reading the Book of Mormon. She absolutely loved it! One day she had actually read for 3 hours straight! The members who she's close to had given her assignments to read, but she had also looked up some chapters on her own. We spent a good amount of time just listening to her talk about what she got out of her reading. She's so cool!

We also met with Dxxx again, and he just cracks me up. He has a young, boyish face but he has the deepest voice ever. He always tells us the same story of how some churches just make up an act to get people to believe. Apparently there was one "cripple" who was went to a priest to help him, and so the priest did his mumbo-jumbo, and the cripple stands up all dramatic and is like, "I can walk!!!" I'm sorry but Dxxx's impersonation of this is so funny! Anyways, he still really wants to believe but he always looks at things really logically so it's hard for him to avoid overthinking things. He did really enjoy the Plan of Salvation, though, since we know that our life after death doesn't just consist of heaven and hell, but there's more to it, and all of the kingdoms of glory are better than our life here on earth.

We are still teaching Bxxx as well. He is so legit. We asked him if he will come with us to visit our investigator Nxxx tonight, and he said yes! I'm super excited for him to come share his testimony with us. It's great for less-actives, recent converts, and returning members to participate in missionary work.

I don't know how to describe the following experience, but it was so hilarious. So we met with Jxxx this week, and we were teaching him about the Plan of Salvation. We were teaching him outside though. So as we were sitting outside, and these two drunk people just come over and start blabbing about God and who knows what, but yeah they were just talking non-stop for like 20 minutes, and Jxxx was responding to them as if it was a legit conversation; as if they weren't drunk. I was trying so hard not to laugh, because I was both annoyed and thinking to myself, "Is this really happening right now?" Then, after they finally left it just became evident that Jxxx didn't see Christ as being necessary in his life, so even though he's a nice guy it was clear that we are not going to be visiting him anymore. But I truly hope that he continues to read the Book of Mormon and if he really humbles himself and wants to learn more, he will be able to recognize the truth.

Haha Papi, that "shark or death by monkeys" story is classic

Elder Simms is also like you in that he is constantly quoting stuff. One time he was talking about how our missionary handbook is like our "Da Rules" book from Fairly Odd Parents. 

Love you,

Hermana Aburto

Historias del Libro de Mormón
14 de noviembre de 2015
¡Feliz cumplea√Īos querido papi! ¡Eres el pap√° m√°s buena onda del mundo!
Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? I'm in love with you! Whoa oh oh (canción de los Beatles)
¡Ha sido una semana a todo dar!
El otro d√≠a tuvimos una especie de “capacitaci√≥n especializada”, que fue como una conferencia de varias zonas, y, como siempre, la disfrut√© mucho. Nos ense√Īaron el nuevo video que la Iglesia lanzar√° como parte de la iniciativa de Navidad de este a√Īo. Se trata de un video sensacional, y me muero por que todo el mundo lo vea. No quiero echar a perder la sorpresa, as√≠ que eso es todo lo que les puedo decir por ahora.
Pues bien, el s√°bado, nuestros l√≠deres de zona tuvieron el bautismo de una ni√Īa que se llama Mxxx, y nuestros investigadores Cxxx y Pxxx estuvieron presentes. Fue muy emocionante. Ten√≠amos muchos deseos de que vieran lo que es un bautismo y que sintieran el Esp√≠ritu al presenciar c√≥mo una hija de Dios hac√≠a convenio con √Čl al entrar en las aguas bautismales y al parecer les gust√≥ mucho. Sin embargo, Pxxx dijo que lo que no le gusta es mojarse el cabello, y nosotras le dijimos: “Pues le podemos conseguir una gorra para el pelo o algo as√≠”.
Fue bien curioso, porque en el bautismo tambi√©n estuvo presente el hermano de Mxxx que se llama Nxxx. √Čl no es miembro de la Iglesia, pero cuando nos vio a mi compa√Īera y a m√≠ dijo: “Ustedes tocaron mi puerta una vez”. Nosotras ni nos acord√°bamos, porque estoy segura de que vive en uno de esos lugares donde hay una puerta con mosquitero y no pod√≠amos ver bien el interior y ni siquiera supimos con qui√©n hablamos, pero al final parece que le dejamos una tarjeta. Despu√©s del servicio, hablamos con √©l y se notaba que hab√≠a disfrutado mucho del bautismo, as√≠ que hicimos una cita para visitarlo al d√≠a siguiente. De hecho, ya ten√≠a pensado ir a la Iglesia para estar presente en la confirmaci√≥n de Mxxx.
Ayer lo visitamos y nos dijo que un miembro de la Iglesia le hab√≠a dado un ejemplar del Libro de Morm√≥n y que otro lo hab√≠a invitado a que leyera Alma 32. Entonces, ayer que lo visitamos, ya hab√≠a le√≠do ese cap√≠tulo, lo entendi√≥ y dijo que le gust√≥ mucho. √Čl es una persona muy sincera y tiene hambre de acercarse a Dios. Cuando le ense√Īamos sobre la Restauraci√≥n lo crey√≥ todo y nos pregunt√≥: “¿Quieren regresar ma√Īana? ¿Qu√© me recomiendan que debo leer en el Libro de Morm√≥n?”. ¡H√≠jole, lo adoramos! ¡Es un tipo muy buena onda!
Tambi√©n, durante la semana visitamos a Jxxx y nos cont√≥ de la experiencia que est√° teniendo con el Libro de Morm√≥n. Dice que simplemente le encanta y que hubo un d√≠a en el que ley√≥ durante tres horas. Los miembros con los que tiene amistad le han dado asignaciones de lectura, pero ella tambi√©n ha le√≠do otros cap√≠tulos por su propia cuenta. Una buena parte de la conversaci√≥n la dedicamos a solo escucharla hablar de lo que ha aprendido al leer el libro. ¡Qu√© buena onda!
Tambi√©n pudimos visitar a Dxxx otra vez y es un tipo que me cae muy bien. Tiene una cara como de ni√Īo pero su voz es la m√°s grave que haya escuchado. Siempre nos cuenta la misma historia de que las iglesias hacen cosas que parecen milagros solo para hacer creer a la gente. Dice que una vez un hombre “paral√≠tico” fue a ver a un sacerdote para que le ayudara, entonces el sacerdote hizo su abracadabra y el tipo se levant√≥ de forma espectacular y dijo: “¡Ya puedo caminar!”. Ustedes han de perdonar, pero la forma en que Dxxx lo act√ļa es chistos√≠sima. Bueno, la cosa es que √©l tiene el deseo de creer, pero siempre cae en lo mismo y quiere ver las cosas de una forma l√≥gica, as√≠ que le cuesta much√≠simo evitar pensar demasiado en el asunto. No obstante, le gust√≥ mucho la charla sobre el Plan de Salvaci√≥n, ya que sabemos que la vida despu√©s de la muerte no solo consiste del cielo y del infierno, sino que m√°s bien hay otras cosas y todos los reinos de gloria son incluso mejor que lo que es la vida aqu√≠ en la tierra.
Tambi√©n hemos seguido ense√Īando a Bxxx. √Čl es un tipo cabal. Le preguntamos si pod√≠a acompa√Īarnos a visitar a un investigador hoy en la noche y acept√≥. Siento mucha emoci√≥n por que √©l nos acompa√Īe y comparta su testimonio. Me parece formidable que los menos activos, los nuevos conversos y los miembros que regresan a la actividad participen en la obra misional.
La siguiente experiencia no s√© c√≥mo contarla, pero estuvo bastante c√≥mica. Resulta que el otro d√≠a fuimos a ver a Jxxx para darle la charla sobre el Plan de Salvaci√≥n. Est√°bamos sentadas con √©l afuera de su casa. De repente, no s√© de d√≥nde aparecieron dos borrachos y comenzaron a hablar de Dios sin ton ni son, y estuvieron ah√≠ como unos 20 minutos hablando sin parar. La cosa es que Jxxx les respond√≠a como si fuera una conversaci√≥n seria, como si los dos hombres no estuvieran borrachos. Yo me tuve que aguantar las ganas para no estallar a carcajadas, porque era una situaci√≥n inc√≥moda y a la vez pensaba en mis adentros: “¿a poco de veras est√° ocurriendo esto?”. La cosa fue que despu√©s de eso nos qued√≥ claro que Jxxx no parece dar muestras de necesitar a Cristo en su vida, as√≠ que, con todo y que es un buen tipo, ya no lo visitaremos m√°s. Sin embargo, realmente espero que siga leyendo el Libro de Morm√≥n, y si se llega a dar muestras de humildad y quiere seguir aprendiendo, entonces tendr√° la capacidad para reconocer la verdad.
Papi, esa frase de “tibur√≥n o muerte por changos” es cl√°sica.
El √©lder Simms se parece a ti porque siempre usa frases de pel√≠culas y cosas por el estilo. Una vez, mientras hablaba del manual misional, se refiri√≥ a este como “da rules”, como en los Padrinos M√°gicos.
Los quiero,

Hermana Aburto

Monday, November 7, 2016

Pray, He is there

November 7th, 2016

This week was so amazing!!! Missionary work is the absolute best!!!

But let me start with the bad news...

Our investigator Txxx has disappeared. He was living with his sister and when we stopped by this week she told us that he left and he wasn't coming back. Apparently it's typical of him to do that. It worries me because he's probably just living in the streets, without a phone or anyone to be with. We hope and pray he will be able to run into some missionaries again soon. He really did love our message and he loved Church so I hope he can find it again.

So even though we lost him, we found so many awesome people to teach this week! We finally started teaching Jxxx, that member referral, in the member's home. It was so good! She committed to reading the Book of Mormon. We really feel like she is ready to embrace the gospel and she doesn't even know it!

Brother Campbell also found an elderly couple for us to teach, Cxxx and Pxxx. Cxxx is so ready to be baptized. She is more willing to learn than she allows herself to be. She has a concern with women and the priesthood, but I loved the way that Brother Campbell explained to her that we believe that men and women have different roles. He did a great job of expressing that Heavenly Father has a more soft spot for women; that He may even love them more than He loves men.

We are also teaching Bxxx, who has been inactive for many many years, and he has just recently started coming back to Church. It's been cool to teach him about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation, because he really didn't remember much about these basic doctrines. We love their family, they are tons of fun. His mom really got passionate during our lesson about the Plan of Salvation. She asked if we will be able to eat in Heaven and I said, "I have that question too! I mean, we probably can't eat chicken there, if the chicken can't die!" She thought that was hilarious.

This week we saw William a couple more times. He just cracks me up. He was saying that he went to General Conference in Utah one time, and he was amazed at how our church is probably the only one where people are begging to get in. He said, "Normally people are begging to get out." Sadly, though, we won't be visiting William anymore because yesterday as we talked to him, it just became obvious that he would only talk to us just to talk, he has no desire to really learn God's will nor do anything about it. He was OK with it though, and truly felt like our time would be better spent with people who need us the most.

Yesterday at church, our new convert bore her testimony for the first time! She is just the best of the best. She expressed her thanks for Heavenly Father sending her two beautiful missionaries. That still just blows my mind that I was truly used as an instrument in God's hands to help her be guided to her conversion.

Ok so by far my favorite part of the week was Dxxx. Dxxx is married to an inactive member of the Church. In the past I had visited their family a couple of times but a few nights ago we were in their neighborhood and I was just like, "We should go see them!" And so we did and this was the first time that we really got to talking to Dxxx about the Church and he expressed all of his concerns. He believes that there is a Supreme Creator. He didn't grow up religious and so he doesn't believe in the Bible. He has taken the missionary discussions in the past, and he has always done what the missionaries have told him to do. He has tried reading the Book of Mormon and thinks it's a good book, but he doesn't necessarily have a testimony of it. He has tried giving up coffee. He has almost gotten baptized but he just has never gained a belief in the things which have been taught to him.

He is so freakin' awesome though! Dxxx sincerely has a desire to believe. He told us that he envies the fact that we have our beliefs and we have that peace of mind. His father passed away 3 weeks ago and the reason that Dxxx wants to believe at all is because death is the scariest thing ever if you don't have a sincere faith that you will live after this life. We read part of Alma 32 with him, which of course talks about how you first need to have a desire to believe, and you can nourish that desire and experiment upon the word of God in order to gain a testimony. We assigned him to read the entire chapter before our next lesson with him, and he did! He's so great.

We are so excited to teach him! I am just thrilled because really truly, he has that hunger to learn and I don't think he realizes how much faith he has. He has read the Book of Mormon before in faith of finding an answer. His wife also said that so many missionaries have tried teaching him, and they haven't for a while and he once said, "I think the missionaries have given up on me." Awwwww we won't give up on him! 

He needs to start praying, too. We told him yesterday that he needs to pray and ask God if He is there. Prayer is such a key element and he hasn't been doing it! I don't think he realizes that God has given him so many signs and miracles before. We taught him how God answers our prayers through the Holy Ghost. 

I'm so freakin' excited to work with him!! Meeting people like him who sincerely have the hunger to learn more is the most exciting thing about missionary work!

Ok sorry I'm kinda freakin out since I'm so stoked to work with him. I'm just so anxious to help him!!

Love you!!

-Hermana Aburto

Ora; √Čl est√°

7 de noviembre de 2016

¡Esta semana estuvo buen√≠sima! ¡No hay nada como la obra misional!

Primero, permítanme comenzar con las malas noticias.

A nuestro investigador Txxx, parece que la tierra se lo trag√≥. Estaba viviendo con su hermana y el otro d√≠a que pasamos a verlo, ella nos dijo que √©l se hab√≠a ido y que no iba a regresar. Parece que eso es muy habitual en √©l y me preocupa porque puede que ande viviendo en la calle sin ni un triste tel√©fono y sin nadie que lo acompa√Īe. Esperemos que pronto vuelva a encontrarse con otros misioneros. A √©l le encant√≥ nuestro mensaje y haber ido a la Iglesia, as√≠ que espero que pueda volver a encontrarla.

Sin embargo, con todo y que lo perdimos, la semana pasada encontramos a muchas personas buena onda a las que podemos ense√Īar. Por fin pudimos comenzar a ense√Īar a Jxxx, la que fue referencia de unos miembros, ¡y la charla estuvo buen√≠sima! Ella se comprometi√≥ a leer el Libro de Morm√≥n. Tenemos la corazonada de que est√° lista para aceptar el Evangelio, a pesar de que ella no se da cuenta.

El hermano Campbell tambi√©n encontr√≥ a una pareja ya entrada en a√Īos, ellos se llaman Cxxx y Pxxx. Cxxx es de esos a los que nom√°s les falta meterse al agua. Sin embargo, la esposa, a pesar de que tiene la voluntad de aprender, como que ella sola se restringe. A ella le inquieta ese asunto de que las mujeres no pueden recibir el sacerdocio, pero me encant√≥ la manera en que el Hno. Campbell le explic√≥ que nosotros creemos que el hombre y la mujer tienen funciones distintas. Le explic√≥ de una forma genial que el Padre Celestial tiene un lugar m√°s especial para las mujeres, que pareciera que tal vez las quiere m√°s a ellas que a los hombres.

Tambi√©n estamos ense√Īando a Bxxx, que es un muchacho que ha estado inactivo muchos a√Īos y hace poco comenz√≥ a regresar a la Iglesia. Ha sido muy padre ense√Īarle sobre la Restauraci√≥n y el Plan de Salvaci√≥n porque como que no se acordaba de esa doctrina fundamental. A su familia la queremos mucho porque son personas con quienes nos sentimos muy bien. Su mam√° se meti√≥ de lleno durante la charla del Plan de Salvaci√≥n. En un momento pregunt√≥ si en el cielo podremos comer y yo le dije: “Pues f√≠jese que yo tambi√©n me he hecho esa pregunta. Porque, por ejemplo, tal vez no podamos comer pollo, ya que los pollos ya no morir√°n”. A la hermana le pareci√≥ un concepto muy chistoso.

En la semana vimos a Wxxxx un par de veces. √Čl simplemente me hace re√≠r mucho. Nos cont√≥ que en una ocasi√≥n fue a Utah a la Conferencia General y que se qued√≥ sorprendido de ver c√≥mo la gente est√° que se muere por entrar, mientras que en todas las dem√°s iglesias la gente est√° que se muere por salir. Lamentablemente, ya no lo visitaremos m√°s, porque ayer nos qued√≥ claro que solo conversa con nosotras por conversar, ya que no tiene ni el m√°s m√≠nimo deseo de aprender sobre la voluntad de Dios ni de hacer nada al respecto. √Čl estuvo de acuerdo en que podr√≠amos invertir nuestro tiempo con personas que nos necesiten m√°s.

Ayer, nuestra nueva conversa pasó a dar su testimonio por primera vez. Ella es una mujer formidable. Expresó su agradecimiento a nuestro Padre Celestial por haberle enviado a dos hermosas misioneras. En serio que todavía me parece increíble el hecho de que hayamos sido instrumentos en las manos de Dios para ayudarle en el camino hacia su conversión.

Bueno, pero mi parte favorita de la semana fue lo que nos pas√≥ con Dxxx. Dxxx est√° casado con una muchacha que es inactiva. En el pasado ya los hab√≠amos visitado una cuantas veces, pero hace unos d√≠as and√°bamos cerca de donde viven y le dije a mi compa√Īera: “Deber√≠amos pasar a verlos”. As√≠ que fuimos y esa fue la primera vez que tuvimos una buena conversaci√≥n con Dxxx sobre la Iglesia, ya que nos manifest√≥ todas sus inquietudes. √Čl cree que hay un Ser Supremo, pero como se cri√≥ sin tener ninguna religi√≥n, no cree en la Biblia. Ya ha recibido las charlas misionales anteriormente y ha hecho lo que los misioneros le han pedido. Ha intentado leer el Libro de Morm√≥n y lo considera un buen libro, aunque eso no necesariamente significa que tenga un testimonio del mismo. Ha tratado de dejar el caf√©. Ha estado a punto de bautizarse, solo que nunca ha quedado totalmente convencido de las cosas que se le han ense√Īado.

Con todo, es un tipo buenísima onda, ya que tiene un deseo sincero de creer. Nos dijo que hasta le da envidia el hecho de que nosotras tengamos nuestras creencias y esa tranquilidad. Su papá murió hace tres semanas y uno de los motivos por los cuales Dxxx tiene el deseo de creer es porque la muerte asusta mucho si no se tiene una fe sincera de que hay algo más después de esta vida. Leímos con él Alma 32, que es el clásico capítulo que dice que primero debemos tener el deseo de creer y que ese deseo se puede nutrir y experimentar la palabra de Dios a fin de obtener un testimonio. Le dimos la asignación de leer todo el capítulo antes de la siguiente lección y lo leyó. En serio que es un gran tipo.

Estamos muy contentas de poder ense√Īarle. De veras que es emocionante, porque tiene hambre de aprender y a m√≠ me parece que √©l no se percata de cu√°nta fe tiene. En el pasado ha le√≠do el Libro de Morm√≥n con la esperanza de hallar una respuesta. Su esposa dice que muchos misioneros han intentado ense√Īarle, pero que ya ten√≠a rato que nadie los iba a ver. √Čl incluso lleg√≥ a decir: “Me parece que los misioneros ya tiraron la toalla conmigo”, pero nosotras no la vamos a tirar. 

Sin embargo, tambi√©n tiene que empezar a orar. Ayer le dijimos que tiene que orar y preguntarle a Dios si est√° ah√≠. La oraci√≥n es un aspecto crucial y algo que √©l ha tenido en el olvido. Yo no creo que se d√© cuenta de que Dios ya le ha mostrado muchos milagros y se√Īales. Le ense√Īamos que Dios contesta nuestras oraciones mediante el Esp√≠ritu Santo. 

La cosa es que me emociona muchísimo poder trabajar con él. El hecho de encontrar personas como él, que tienen esa hambre de aprender más, es la parte más emocionante de la obra misional.

Híjole, ustedes han de perdonar que suene tan emocionada pero es una situación bien interesante y tengo muchos deseos de ayudarle.

Los quiero,

-Hermana Aburto