Monday, June 27, 2016

What the heck, Gina!!*

June 27th, 2016

K so we have been doing so well in our area. We've been nearly completely booked with appointments and we've been doing well at getting members to come out with us on our appointments with investigators. Literally it felt like we had to run around to be on time to everything, and we were often late.

But guess what!!!

Our mission president is taking our car away today!!!

And please understand; I'm not complaining about biking itself. I sincerely don't care about biking in the heat or anything like that, but I'm concerned about my investigators because I don't know how we are going to be able to reach all of them now. 

He's taking the car away because he wants us to be more visible, in order to find more investigators. But I just don't understand--what is the point of doing that if we aren't able to REACH all of our people after finding them!!

I'm not mad or upset or frustrated, I'm just really worried about our investigators.

Lord, I believe. Help thou mine unbelief. I believe that President Palmer receives revelation for us but I also have concerns about this.

Ok so let me tell you about some positive things...

We have this awesome investigator named Paula. Whenever we would arrive at her house she'd be sitting outside waiting for us, and reading her Book of Mormon. She and her son Luis have been reading it, and it's so awesome to hear their understanding of what they've read! She says she wants to learn more before she commits to baptism, which is fair, but I see serious potential in them! I'm so excited to see them progress.

We also have this new investigator named Rosario, and she has an 8-year-old daughter Jennifer who is so interested in our message. They really want to come to Church and they've been praying together every day. 

I got to go on exchanges for a day to my old area of Modesto, so that was cool to go back there. While I was there, though, Hna Gundersen was still here in Ceres and she met with a new investigator named Gloria. Gloria had previously been in the hospital and we had sent missionaries there to give her a priesthood blessing. What happened was, that she somehow had like 50 lbs of water or some fluid in her body?? It was weird, and it was painful for her, but after the priesthood blessing, she immediately felt better, and it went down 25 lbs.!! So she said she wants to get baptized, but when we went back to visit her she was busy. I hope we can help her to understand the importance of the Gospel in her life.

Love you,

Hermana Aburto

*Quote is courtesy of Elder Williams